We Can Only Imagine by Gina Crotts

on December 7, 2019

We Can Only Imagine by Gina Crotts

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As you create your online adoptive parent profile, remember there is no way for you to fully understand what a birth parent is going through. Creating an adoption plan for your child is an emotional and stressful time, but assuming you know how difficult it is can come across as insensitive to birth parents.

When writing the text for your profile be more aware of the phrases you are using — we understand, we know, we can imagine, are unrealistic statements, unless you have placed a baby for adoption yourself. Instead, be mindful to use: We can only imagine.

This shows you have sympathy for the situation each birth parent is in while recognizing it must be a difficult time for them without assuming you know how they feel. As you speak to a birth parent through your profile text, be empathetic without belittling. You want to offer your support with understanding and concern, not arrogance and condescension. Acknowledge the heavy emotions that are most likely surrounding them at this time, and express your desire to help ease that burden

Taking the time to write a relatable and heartfelt profile shows you care about the steps leading up to being matched with a child. If you are careless and burdened with the task, it will show. If you take the time to intimately convey who you are, your life, your home, and your desire to adopt, birth parents will connect with you and see your commitment to becoming loving parents.

We can only imagine — is the perfect way to say you care while also being sensitive to the emotional journey each birth parent is on.

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