Our Home: Writing a Narrative

on June 19, 2019

Our Home: Writing a Narrative

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When you’re creating your “Our Home” section of your adoptive parent profile, remember to stick with a narrative. Telling birth parents how many rooms and square feet your home has isn’t as important as telling them what you love about your home and why. You want birth parents to envision how it would feel to live in your home.

Create an atmosphere by explaining your favorite parts of your home. For example: Every morning we sit on the back porch and drink our coffee. At night, we enjoy sitting around the firepit discussing our day. I can see this couple enjoying their cup of joe on the porch. If you only say “we have a back porch,” you’re missing the picture you could be painting in a birth parent’s mind.

Every reader should be able to hypothetically place themselves in your home and have an idea of how it would feel to be there with you. After all, their baby will be the one sharing this space with you. They want a clear picture of what he or she will be doing.

  • Here are a few questions to help you write an “Our Home” that doesn’t feel like a real estate listing.
  • Do you love to host parties? Who do you invite to your home? What type of party activities do you enjoy?
  • What is the favorite spot inside and outside of the house? What do you love about this space?
  • What encouraged you to buy or rent your home? What were you most excited about?

When you’re writing your “Our Home” section remember fewer facts and more detail. Don’t forget to include what your neighborhood is like, what amenities are nearby, and why you picked this particular area. All of the above will help your “Our Home” section feel warm and cozy.

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