Building a Routine by Gina Crotts

on April 18, 2020

Building a Routine by Gina Crotts

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As a mother of three, who are now doing online schooling, and a full-time employee working from home, I’ve had to get creative and organized. For my family, we work more efficiently when we have a routine. Each morning the four of us go on a walk, and yes, my teenagers complain every single day. The fresh air and the clear skies do more for their minds than they realize, and I’m willing to battle with them for a few minutes each day because I know how beneficial it is for us all. Not every day runs smoothly, and some hours, like creative time, have to be delayed to fit in a Zoom call with their classmates.

I have also built a new routine of working hours, alone time, a daily workout, and solo walks. It took us a few weeks to figure out what works for our family and what doesn’t. I am noticing an increase in motivation if the kids know what needs to be done each day. I don’t hold to the schedule too tightly, but the following are things I won’t compromise: a morning walk, online schooling, 5 minutes of meditation, creative time, and a daily chore. As a family of five, our emotions, our needs, and our behaviors ebb and flow with each given minute. It’s not easy juggling a new normal, but building a new routine has helped us significantly.

If you are struggling to get your online profile complete, start with the one thing that feels like the easiest to do. It may be the writing portion or selecting your photos. Build an hourly list, a list of what you won’t comprise on, and goals for each day. With the stress and anxiety surrounding our society, goals can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you build a routine and break it down into smaller parts. Create a goal for each area of your life—family, personal, work, and a goal specific to your adoption journey. Small steps forward will add up quickly, and you’ll build a routine that will increase your motivation.

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