Adoption Profiles as a Bridge

on May 24, 2018

Adoption Profiles as a Bridge

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You have a goal for your adoption organization. We have the tools to help you realize it.

While there are many ways to grow your organization, we recommend by beginning with an SEO audit. This includes revising the content on you page to bring in more users, using various media to increase your site’s reputation, and creating your own SEO-army to drive purposeful traffic.

No idea where to start? Here’s some background.

Who: Google has an that Algorithm decides which websites should appear at the top of a search.

What: The algorithm factors in three things: Keywords, Backlinks and Multimedia. In order to ensure your place at the top, you’ll need to pay attention to all three.

Where: The most simple way to improve your standing is by placing adoption profiles on your organization’s website. These profiles should be in searchable PDF form, contain active links and be accompanied by a profile video hosted on Youtube.

When: Improving your standing will take some time, but you’ll want to share those profiles as far and wide as possible. The more you do this, the more backlinks you create, which will begin to improve your site’s reputation will be with Google Search.

Why: The reason organizations should embrace digital marketing is simple: it’s where the traffic is. Almost everyone these days has a smartphone or access to the internet. When they are looking for information, nine times out of ten, they’re going to Google.

If you’re interested or would like to learn more about digital marketing, come to our discussion on June 22nd at the National Adoption Conference in College Park, Maryland. Greg Phelps, Director of Sales for CAIRS Solutions, will be discussing how technology can change the adoption industry.

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