This is Not an April Fools Joke

on April 1, 2019

This is Not an April Fools Joke

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1 in 4 women has lost a baby. 1 in 6 women are suffering from infertility. Pregnancy is not a joke. Faking a pregnancy is not funny, be more creative on April Fool’s Day.

If you’re going to play a joke on someone today make sure it is something that isn’t going to hurt them emotionally. Stop and think of the impact your joke may have to those around you. 6.1 million women in the United States suffer from infertility. 25% of pregnancies result in a loss. Flashing a fake positive pregnancy test on social media can be a painful reminder to those who are going through IVF treatments or grieving a child.

Try a joke that brings laughter to everyone involved. A favorite at my house is pouring cold water on someone who is in the shower. One year my sister-in-law stole my husbands truck, I was in on the joke, I’ll never forget the confusion on my husbands face when he saw “someone” backing out of our driveway in his truck. The fun only lasted a minute because I couldn’t keep a straight face. For a man who is overly obsessed with his vehicle, this might not be the right prank. Find something harmless to pull, requires little effort, but gets a big reward, which is you, and the person you’re pranking, laughing!

There are many women out there who are throwing away negative pregnancy tests month after month, year after year. My heart goes out to these women. Infertility and the loss of a child are severe, and millions of people are in this space today, let’s show our support by not posting insensitive memes. Find something that isn’t related to heartache, disappointment, loss, and grief. Your friends will thank and you for the good belly laugh!

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