Talking About Your Children in Your Adoption Profile

on November 17, 2017

Talking About Your Children in Your Adoption Profile

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Talking About Your Children In Your Adoption Profile

When talking about your children in your adoption profile, one of the first things that your caseworker will tell you is that it’s best to talk about yourself first. We want the birth mom to fall in love with you before she falls in love with the rest of the family. So in order to make this work, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while writing your adoption profile.

Talk About Yourself First

First, if you’re a couple, we want to hear your love story in the Our Story section. Talk about how you met, what made you fall in love and give us some of those “cute” courtship details that are always memorialized at weddings – you know, the awkward first date or chipping teeth on the first kiss!

Example: Have you ever had one of those first dates where everything felt so perfect, and then suddenly the other person sneezes loudly in the movie and spills the popcorn all over you? Maybe you haven’t, but we sure have! That was our first date and the movie was Shrek. Fast forward three years to 2017, and you’ll find Kevin sharing that story with our friends and family the night before our wedding.”

Provide a Background, Then Talk About Why You’re Here

Then you can begin to discuss how you’ve grown your family. What year did you have your first child, how old are they now? What happened after that first (or second) child that made you turn to adoption? Birth mom’s like to know why you are choosing this path instead of going down the more traditional one. It also shows that you REALLY want to be parents to another child, and you’ve exhausted all of your options.

Example: “After getting married in early 2012, we took a year to enjoy our new lives together before deciding to start our family in 2014. Though we anticipated that we may run into complications due to Heather’s medical history, everything went as smoothly as possible and we welcomed our daughter, Sophie, into our lives in December of that year. After Sophie turned one and we had settled into our new home just outside of the city, we decided to try for another child. This time, however, we experienced a late-term miscarriage and the doctors told us that it would be wise to consider other options. We took some time to re-group and in the summer of 2017, decided we would pursue adoption. We have always dreamed of having two children and are so thankful that we can fulfill that dream through adoption.”

Talking about Your Children in Your Adoption Profile Is Up To You

Now, just how much you talk about your children in your adoption profile is totally up to you. It’s important to state the facts: two kids, how old they are, etc., but you do not have to give names or provide other details if you don’t want to. Some couples don’t want to share their children’s info in their adoption profile, and that’s absolutely okay! Just provide the basic details so that your profile is honest and genuine. Everything else after that is up to you.

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