Summertime Photos

on May 31, 2019

Summertime Photos

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Summertime is the perfect time to update your online parent profile with fresh photos of your family. Many of you will be traveling during this time, and sharing your adventures with birth parents is a great way to make a connection. Photos are the key ingredient to helping your profile shine!

Don’t know what type of photos to take? Here is a list of ideas (and some creative activities for your summer bucket list), that I believe birth parents will enjoy seeing.

Summer Photo Ideas

Nature: it’s a great time to get outside. Don’t just take a picture of the beautiful scenery around you, you have to be in the photo! Set the timer on your phone and catch your smiles with a beautiful background.

Water Park: most of us are not fans of swimming suit photos, but a cute selfie from the neck up is an easy way to show you’re having fun in the sun! Or grab that adorable beach towel you just bought and wrap it around your loved one.

The Beach: if you are fortunate enough to live by the beach (or you are on a summer vacay) draw a message in the sand and sit in front or behind it, but make sure you are close enough to see your face; birth parents want to see YOU.

Game Night: not all summer adventures have to be outside. Take a picture of you and your loved ones playing your favorite games. You never know what will catch a birth parent’s eye. Maybe you all share the same passion for an old school game of Yahtzee.

This summer, I am determined to check off items on my bucket list that have been there for a few years; one being camping! Birth parents want a peek into your life, your summer, share all the laughter and adventures you and your spouse experience. It is the perfect time to make an appointment with a professional photographer who can capture the candid moments of you and your spouse. Be creative, have fun, and take a ton of photos this summer!

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