Picture Perfect: Choosing the right photos for your adoption profile

on September 15, 2018

Picture Perfect: Choosing the right photos for your adoption profile

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Picking the right photos for your profile can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We have created a handy Quick Start Guide full of tips and easy guidelines to help you find the perfect pictures. The guide includes how many photos you need and the quality requirements for beautifully printed layouts.

Picture perfect doesn’t mean a “perfect” life. Birth parents want to see you and your spouse in your natural element, not something you recreate to be “perfect.” Be yourself! If you were watching a reality show about a couple, what scenes would give you the best glimpse into who they are? Your profile is a small sample of your reality show. The more genuine you are, the more your audience feels compelled to continue watching or in this case reading.

Your photos should reflect the words you have written in your profile. Your photos will hold more significance if they are attached to an image, a high-quality image, of you and your spouse.


Our Hobbies – reading, football fans, and camping.

Reading: Check out this creative way (below) of showing this family enjoys reading and the subtle way it gives you a glimpse into each person’s personality by the book they are holding.

Football Fans: Share a photo of you and your spouse in your fan gear or cheering on your favorite team at the game!

Camping: If you enjoy camping and talk about that in your text, make sure you are in your camping photos. Beautiful mountain landscape photos are great for social media, but birth parents want to see you climbing those mountains or snuggling up in your tent. Be creative!

Don’t get caught up in finding the “perfect” photos. Create photos that show your perfect, original personalities and allow the quality of your photos to be perfection. You will have a profile that no birth parent will want to put down!

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