Parentfinder’s Spring Checklist

on February 27, 2018

Parentfinder’s Spring Checklist

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Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to create an adoption profile! Here are a few things to consider while building your adoption profile this season.

Blogging Tips

Spring is the perfect time to blog about your adoption process. We suggest considering subjects like St. Patrick’s Day Spring Break, Opening Day of Baseball, and how all the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. Also, certain warm-weather events and venues may start opening back up (Like Farmer’s Markets or Botanical Gardens) – which would be the perfect opportunity to share another “hobby” on the blog.

Photo Opportunities

Not only is it the perfect time to blog about Spring, it’s the perfect time to take out that camera and get some beautiful shots. If you haven’t finished your Parentfinder Profile, maybe consider having a friend take a photo of you (and your spouse) in front of a beautiful landscape. It would make a great cover shot, especially after a long winter.

You could also accent your blog with photos you take around town. If it’s your first “Concert in the Park” of the year or your niece or nephews first baseball/softball game – then don’t be afraid to write about it and share some photos. Continuing to update your profile with a blog or journal shows expectant moms that you’re engaged.

Social Media Tips

Creating a social media schedule is super easy. Aim to post on your adoption social media page, twice a week and once for every holiday. Sometimes it makes it easier if you have a plan, like Tuesday’s are for what you’re into this week (think Book, Music, Event) and Thursdays are for what you’re doing this weekend (think cooking dinner for friends, visiting a museum or going to a show).

The major holidays coming up this Spring that you should make sure to post/share a photo about are:

March 17th – St. Patricks Day

March 25th – Palm Sunday

March 30th – Good Friday

March 31st – First Day of Passover

April 1st – Easter Sunday

April 7th – Last Day of Passover

April 26th – Take your (future) Kids to Work Day

April 27th – Arbor Day

May 5th – Cinco De Mayo

May 13th – Mother’s Day

May 28th – Memorial Day

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