Let’s Get Personal (About Pronouns)

on October 31, 2019

Let’s Get Personal (About Pronouns)

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When writing an adoption profile with your partner, it’s really important that it come across as a unified effort. If the task of writing is delegated to one person, and written in the first person, it may cause the reader to wonder if the other person is simply a bystander in the adoption process.

Here at Parentfinder, we advocate a unique approach to writing that utilizes the personal pronoun ‘we’ while referring to each person in the third person. It sounds odd – we know! But just think of it like you’re both sitting in front of the camera, telling a story together.

Example: When we first met at the University of Waterloo, we never would have envisioned that we would someday get married. We both ran in the same social circle, but seeing that we are total opposites, we just assumed it would never work out! In fact, Kate says that she never even entertained the thought of us two getting together! However, one evening after a group study session, Allan approached her and asked her if she’d like to join him at the nearby diner for a bite to eat. Kate, without hesitating, agreed! Now, here we are, ten years and two kids later, hoping to grow our family through adoption.

For individual sections (About Allan, About Kate), our recommendation is to write about the other person. Here, you can write in the first person and brag about your partner as much as you’d like! Think about it – if you wrote your own section, it could read rather narcissistic. “I’m funny, kind, smart and the best husband ever!” Instead, take three paragraphs of space and “sell us” on your partner.

Example: I must admit, Allan is truly the most fun person to be around. He is full of life, always optimistic and willing to try anything at least once. No matter what’s going on in life, no matter how sad you may be – Allan is sure to bring a smile to your face. (Probably with one of his signature ‘dad jokes’ too!)

Rule of thumb: always write in the third person, using we, unless it’s in the individual sections.

This will help your profile come off as more genuine and unified, and help a birth mom see just how great of couple you truly are!

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