In Uncertain Times… Leaders Step Upby Greg Phelps

on April 8, 2020

In Uncertain Times… Leaders Step Upby Greg Phelps

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Technology is generational. Leadership in Adoption in many cases is aging. Sometimes those leaders understand that they need to hire a staff member who better understands technology and the needs of the agency. Maybe that need is a new website, a better database or a newer way of approaching parent outreach.

Sometimes I will cross paths with that new hire at a conference, through their own research or through a referral. We always start by discussing the agency’s needs. Usually, l can provide them with a solution that accomplishes everything they need and sometimes even more. This point person goes back to discuss our solutions with the leadership, and often one of three things happen next:

1. The agency implements our solution, and they prosper.

2. The agency implements, but they don’t change their processes to meet the new technology. They get mixed results.

3. The staff member is blocked by leadership from making the appropriate changes. It’s not because of cost, or the fact that we aren’t a good fit; it’s because leadership was scared of change.

If you look at the leadership of the organizations that have a national footprint, they all share one common trait: they don’t fear technology or change. These organizations have evolved with technology, prospered, and now lead through example.

Don’t let uncertainty stop your agency from making important changes that can increase your productivity, your ability to service parents and reduce your reliance on paper. And don’t let the size of your agency limit the way you choose to serve parents or staff. In uncertain times, leaders step up to the plate and exercise their ability to make smart decisions that move their agency forward.

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