How To Draft The Perfect Conclusion

on August 17, 2018

How To Draft The Perfect Conclusion

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I often read parent profiles that contain a beautiful narrative about their homes, their families, and their hobbies. When I reach the Conclusion/Thank You section of their profiles the beautiful story is lost, and I frequently find couples writing just two or three sentences. You will see an excellent description of what your Conclusion section should contain in our ParentFinder Quick Start Guide, but here are some additional tips to draft the perfect ending to your profile.

Remember your Conclusion is the one section in your profile that is mainly about the birth mother. You aren’t describing your home life, your neighborhood, or your hobbies. You are addressing a potential birth mother who is looking for reassurance, gratitude, and promises. Thank her for taking the time to read your profile, for getting to know you better, and possibly add that you are willing to share more about your family if needed. Be welcoming and friendly.

Your Conclusion should be heartfelt and genuine. Brush away your insecurities and picture this potential birth mother who is making a huge decision to pick one couple. Tell her what it would mean to you if she picked you to raise her child. As a birth mother myself, choosing one couple out of thousands was a daunting task. There is no formal list to abide too, and you are moving purely on emotion and reaction to your gut instinct. Your Conclusion should touch her heart in a way that your other sections have not. Be open with your feelings and that energy will flow to the baby and birth mother that is the perfect match.

It is disappointing when adoptive couples write two sentences in their Conclusion and miss a valuable opportunity to put the cherry on top of their profile. The passion that drives your desire to adopt a child should ring true in these two paragraphs. Describe the love you want to share with a child. Promise what is realistic. Communicate the level of openness you are considering. I believe the Conclusion in every profile should be called Our Hearts.

Reference your ParentFinder Quick Start Guide for max word counts, tips, timeline, and remember we are always here to answer any of your questions concerning your profile text.

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