Business Leadership: Organizational Tools By Greg Phelps

on July 25, 2019

Business Leadership: Organizational Tools By Greg Phelps

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In last week’s blog, we talked about the importance of having the right tools. This week we’re going to focus on one type of business tool that everyone, regardless of their profession or industry, can utilize – organizational tools.

When I think about organizational tools, at their most basic level, I think about my grocery list. Now, I’ll be the first to admit – I’m an oddball. I actually create my grocery list based on the layout of the store. My wife teases me about it, but it prevents me from having to backtrack or go hunting for items. In other words, it makes me more efficient.

When my wife went back to college at age 45, I even took it one step further. I created the dinner menu for the week and then the grocery list. Both lists were put on the fridge, along with our kids’ schedules. I was busy! I was running a business, chauffeuring the kids, and taking care of the home. The only way everything happened on time was my reliance on the lists and my alerts in Outlook.

Much like my shopping list, organizational tools allow companies to operate more efficiently and with a clearer path in mind. For instance, CAIRS Solutions has an adoption management product called MAP. With MAP, you create and auto-assign tasks for parents, all documents and communications are saved into their case notes and you can even set alerts, ensuring that everyone stays on a schedule.

The beauty of MAP is that not only does it make work easier for your parents and team members, but it centralizes all of your parent’s data – so you can pull any bit of information you need at the click of a button. Of course, it’s all secure, protected, and permission-based! That’s just a fraction of what MAP can do for you.

If you feel like you require an organizational change, think about what part of your business is holding you back the most. If that part of the business is efficiency, then you should really consider finding the right tool to enhance and simplify your operations. Maybe it’s MAP, but maybe it’s something as simple as a shared calendar or task list. Whatever it is, take the leap and implement it soon – if you don’t, you’re only prolonging the pain point.

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