Becoming a Birth Mom

on April 11, 2018

Becoming a Birth Mom

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Though many of us will never understand or even come to imagine the difficulty facing birth mothers, their stories are an inspiration to all of us involved in adoption. That’s why when we heard this story for the first time, we knew it was something we had to share.

The positives of abortion and single parenting are talked about more most positively. And I support single moms, the single moms that I know I root for them. But do I think they’re any more wonderful than birth moms? Of course, I’m biased. But no, I think birth moms are just as courageous. – Kelly Clemente

Today, we stumbled across the amazing story of Kelly Clemente, a college freshman who was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Her story is the perfect example of the fact that birth mothers are everyday women, facing really tough life decisions. Now, we won’t go any more into detail, because we feel that she should tell her story – not us!

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