Parentfinder in 2020 – Communication is Key

on January 23, 2020

Parentfinder in 2020 – Communication is Key

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Communication – It’s one of the key elements of any relationship. In business, however, it’s the cornerstone of great customer service.

We pride ourselves in our communications. Our staff has always been available to your parents, and that care is reflected in our approval rating. But we’re always trying to improve. That’s why, in 2020, Parentfinder has committed itself to enhancing it’s communication toolset.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have planned for the new year.

Updated Parent Dashboard. We’ve realized that parents want to know what’s going on during their profile creation process at a glance. Our new dynamic task list does just that. Parents can see their tasksand as they complete one they can check it off the list. When they check off a task, the bar on their timeline fills in – giving them a better idea of where they are in the process.

Communication Hub. If parents ever have a question about a task, our communication hub is available to them, right next to their timeline. The communication hub stores all communications between our team and the parents, allowing them to look back at older messages or send a message to our team. This change is a part of Parentfinder’s new parent dashboard.

FAQ’s. The new Parentfinder dashboard will also include an FAQ section with video tutorials. If parents forget how to upload a photo, how to add a letter or any other function, there is a short video tutorial to walk them through the process.

Proofing Tool. Parentfinder’s new proofing tool allows your parents to see and edit their profile book as a designed eBook. They can change their text and swap photos in real-time. Proofing on the fly makes the process more efficient and reduces the design timeline.

Parentfinder Video App. Parents will now be able to shoot videos and photos on their mobile devices and upload them directly to our video editing team through the Parentfinder app. The app communicates with our video production team and updates the parent’s task list on their Parentfinder dashboard.

While enhanced communication between your parents and the Parentfinder team is critical to our mission, we’re also committed to enhancing communication between YOU, the agency, and our team. In order to do so, we’ve created two new tools that will roll out in 2020.

Birth mother inquires. Via email, you’ll receive the BM’s name, email address or phone number and the parent (s) they are inquiring about.

Updated Agency Dashboard. In addition to the ease of managing your parent’s profiles, your agency dash will now allow you to view several key analytics, such as:

  • Profile views on your badge and Parentfinder
  • Real-time satisfaction rating
  • Real-time profile progress
  • Transparent view of our communication with your parents. 

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