How Do You Invest in Marketing?

on September 6, 2018

How Do You Invest in Marketing?

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Take some time and consider how you’re investing your marketing budget. Are you getting enough growth from the money you’ve spent?

Here is what we keep hearing from agencies around the country.

Our digital marketing consultants said we need to post on Facebook every day.

  • While posting often shows that your engaged, it doesn’t really help your visibility to expectant moms. The only way social media can help your marketing campaign is to make sure you’re back-linking it to your website, therefore increasing your SEO. 

We were told that if we posted a heartfelt blog once or twice a week it would help us appear higher in search results.

  • Don’t get us wrong – you should always blog from the heart. But you have to do so with the goal of boosting your SEO. This means including as many keywords as possible, even if it requires sacrificing some that wonderful prose. 

The marketing service we use just built us a new website, but we haven’t seen any change in the number of contacts.

  • You could be doing everything right when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, but if your website doesn’t have a compelling landing page, then none of that will matter. While it’s important to drive people to your site, it’s equally as important to keep them there. Your website content should work hand-in-hand with your digital advertising copy and your end-goal. 

Pinpoint Marketing works exclusively with adoption and foster care organizations. We know how you operate and understand your mission. Our digital marketing strategies were tailor-made to help you reach more expectant mothers in a trackable, transparent manner.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can invest in yourself and grow your company to new heights, please reach out for a free consultation.

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