Creating A Catchy Section Titleby Gina Crotts

on February 8, 2020

Creating A Catchy Section Titleby Gina Crotts

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Did you know you can rename the title of your profile sections? Our Parentfinder team suggests you create the following sections, but what you name these sections is entirely up to you.

  • Our Story
  • About Me or About My Husband
  • Our Home
  • Our Family
  • Hobbies/Interests/Traditions
  • In Conclusion

A description of each section is highlighted in our Quick Start Guide that is emailed to you after your meeting with Kim Noeth, our Parentfinder Service Coordinator. What many couples do not realize is the freedom to change the title of these sections; however, they see fit.

Having a catchy title can pull in your reader, in this case, birth parents. Writing your profile sections and titles is similar to creating effective social media blog posts and articles.

Neil Patel, a famous internet marketer, said, “Headlines are worth 90% of advertising dollars and even a single word can affect the campaign drastically.”

I understand you are not writing an advertisement, but why not use this same strategy to construct compelling content in your parent profile? My family and I have moved four times in 19 years. Each house we lived in was given a name. I don’t know how the traditions started, but it became a game whenever we moved into a new home. We affectionately call the home we live in now, The House In The Clouds. Using a strategy such as this can help you title your sections. Instead of “Our Home” maybe it becomes “Home Sweet Home” or an original name that you use as a family.

Adding a personal touch to your section titles can help your profile stand out from the rest. It sets the tone for your section and draws your reader in with curiosity. Make sure you create a title that stays true to the content of your section. It should be clear this is your home or family section.

Often the title will come to you after you complete an entire section, then you start to see repetitive words or phrases you use to describe where you live or how your family interacts with one another. If you are debating between a few section titles, send them to use with your draft and let our Content Writers add their suggestion on what fits best.

Let those creative juices fly!

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