Case Study: Organizational Marketing

on February 14, 2018

Case Study: Organizational Marketing

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Recently, we consulted with an agency who does around ten adoption a year and allocates $2000 per month for their expectant mother marketing efforts.

The agency said that their future goal would be to complete twenty five adoptions per year, and asked us what it would take to reach that number.

In order to reach twenty five adoptions per year, we advised that the agency to spend about $1000 more dollars a month on marketing. Furthermore, they would need to do so in a calculated manner – using a combination of SEM and SEO techniques.

They agency’s concern with the increase in their marketing budget was that based on their staffing budget – it was almost out of the question to spend another $1000 a month. Which brought us to the question: “Are you an employment agency or an adoption agency?”

While that question may seem callous, it’s a reality that every business faces in the 21st century landscape. With the advent and ease of digital marketing, does cashflow really merit having an employee solely dedicated to marketing? Let’s break it down.

Current Marketing Plan

Cost of Marketing Associate: $30,000/year (or) $2,500/month

Marketing Budget: $24,000/year (or) $2,000/month

Marking Expenditure:$54,000/year (or) $4,500/month

Current # of Adoptions: 10

Marketing Cost per Adoption: $5,400

Proposed Marketing Plan

Marketing Budget Goal: $42,000/year.

Target # of Adoptions: 25

Target Marketing Cost per Adoption: $1,680

Our recommendation to any organization whose marketing budget is largely allocated to staff would be to instead focus those funds on proven, trackable digital marketing efforts. With a concentrated strategy, like our Pinpoint Marketing program, an organization of this size would not only reach or surpass their goal of completing 25 adoptions, but would also save money that could be allocated towards other growth efforts.

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