Business of Adoption: Management Software by Greg Phelps

on August 29, 2019

Business of Adoption: Management Software by Greg Phelps

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Does anyone else hear wedding bells? Because I do! My daughter, Carly, gets married in one month, and there is a lot of work still left to do!

As the owner of a hair salon, Carly utilizes software to help her run her small-business. It’s a great tool for keeping everything straight and in order, and her customers love being able to schedule their appointment and receive reminders on a mobile device.

As it turns out, there’s a similar piece of software available for weddings too! This software helps her communicate with attendees easily and manage the wedding, beginning to end, in a really organized way. On the user-end (the attendees), can RSVP, get directions to the wedding site, view their gift registry, see the wedding schedule, view important photos and so much more.

It’s really incredible; everything you need to attend, all in one place. Not to mention, it makes it easy for her parents too!

You know the adoptive parents that you serve each and every day? How nice would it be for them to have software like this for their adoption? All of their tasks would be in one convenient place, and they could just log in and go through the steps.

CAIRS Adoption Management system MAP does just that (and more!). Everything is in one convenient place: payments, readings, class schedules or necessary forms. When tasks are completed, they are automatically placed into case notes and saved for future reference. There’s also automated email communication, and don’t worry that’s saved in notes too. Best of all? This information is 100% secure!

We are all busy working to do good things. Adding efficiency to what you do makes your life easier and makes your parents’ lives easier too. Workflow management software isn’t just another piece of technology, it’s an investment for your future.

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