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Product Development for Adoption and Foster Care

We have built different products helpful in the process of adoption. Major products created by CAIRS are helpful in boosting the Adoption and Foster Care sector. CAIRS has a unique balance of design, development, and technical expertise. CAIRS’ experience ranges from developing products like MyAdoptionPortal, Parent Finder, and ChildConnect.

Leading in Private Adoption Case Management Software.

#1 in Post Adoption Communications software – 10,000 updates

CAIRS is the marketing leader in applying technology to the adoption and foster care markets. Our initial product MAP provides support for both case management and clients seeking to adopt either domestically or internationally.

CAIRS is currently developing the next set of features which include:

Networking waiting child profiles (connecting children to multiple agencies and social workers)

Centralized management of waiting for children that can be displayed through Parent- Finders badge management environment

Integration to MAP for inquiry management


Digital Marketing

#1 in Adoption and Foster Care Digital Marketing

CAIRS launched a digital marketing service in 2016 and now is the industry leader. CAIRS has a comprehensive digital marketing initiative using various platforms. It includes the right mix of social media channels carrying out campaigns, promotions, podcasts, and webinars. This has increased lead conversion, consumer engagement, and profitability by 30% with an increase in market share and revenue.

Through ad campaigns, promotions, SEO, blog posts, webinars, videos, stories, and timely customer support, CAIRS aim to:

Improve brand awareness for all the products

Grow revenue by increasing sales to improve ROI

Increase consumer engagement and loyalty to products and services

Build a support community

Provide better customer support via synchronous and asynchronous social interactions.

Our team of experienced digital marketing experts will work side-by-side with you to develop a tailored digital marketing plan that will be delivered across all relevant channels. Our strategies help increase exposure, raise brand awareness, and power revenue through targeted lead generation.

Our team of digital experts can help you build revenue with Cross-Platform Digital Marketing Strategies. From keyword research, and competition analysis to goal conversions we help you achieve more. We try to achieve the lowest cost per conversion while delivering a high brand reputation and customer retention. CAIRS is a Google Partner with certifications in Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Apps.

In today’s marketing world, a well-coordinated, totally calculated social media campaign can yield you a serious Return On Investment. Our suite of behavioral marketing, search engine marketing, and social media services are customized to meet your goals — from building awareness to driving conversions. Proud to be a leading organization in Adoption Family Marketing.


Mobile App Development

The mobile applications that unlock their value are the most popular way for people and businesses to connect to the internet. With mobile apps, it’s easy to treat users with a personalized experience. Research depicts that Mobile users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps and just 12% of their time on mobile websites.

The most fundamental difference between a mobile website and an app is that an app can offer basic functionality to users in offline mode also.

Emerging technologies and improved internet connectivity are enabling newer user groups to use Mobile Apps. Users expect faster and more efficient apps. The interrelated features significantly shorten the time taken to perform a particular task in an app and boost conversions.

Get your own custom mobile application with our in-house team of experts. We apply the latest development technologies to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities for added convenience the latest development technologies to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities for added convenience.

Mobile app gets designed with several elaborate functions based on advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘pinch,’ ‘hold,’ and more helping users perform a task better.

As a team mastering every aspect of mobile application development, we can shape the best strategy for your requirement. An efficient in-house team of mobile application developers will deliver a high-quality product that works exactly as you envisioned.

IOS App Development

Android App Development

Look no further, we are your Mobile Apps Development partners.

Parentfinder Management App

Family Video App

ChildConnect App

MAP Business(only caseworker/social worker logins)


Website Design & Development

Websites are the cornerstone of businesses the world over. It’s the storefront of companies these days. Having a website is more than just building an online presence. A well-designed and informative website sets you apart from your competitors. 

We build a brand from carefully chosen elements that align with the visual aspects, prospective and existing customers, mission, and values that define your company’s purpose. Brand consistency is vital to building a solid foundation from which customers quickly understand your services for them and the adoption community. We listen, execute, report, and refine.

CAIRS SOLUTIONS LLC (CAIRS) has designed, developed, hosted, and supported over 100 websites. We are #1 in Website development for Adoption websites. CAIRS market leadership in the digital space and technology allows designing simple, compelling sites that uniquely capture the character of the adoption agency, law firm, their customers, their social proof, and their presence in the community and society.

Everything we build is built to last, easy to manage, and meant to amplify your message as much as possible. We are a results-focused web design and development company delivering bespoke solutions for different businesses.

Our designs are relatable and engineered in the way adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, families, and children quickly find what they are looking for, be it navigational queries, informational queries, or transactional search queries. A compelling call to action is placed for various types of conversion goals.

Work in Progress

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