Adoption: Where to Begin

HOME Adoption: Where to Begin

Our Consultant will discuss the following topics with you: Agencies, Home Studies, fees, where do I even begin with the adoption process?

Home Studies

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!

Organizing your information will help move things along. Think of this as applying for a Mortgage…from the FBI 🙂

Selecting an adoption agency/attorney

What does their website tell you?

Look no further than their website. Is it focused on birth moms? Do they utilize technology? Can you fill out forms on line? Do they still mail or ship info packets?

What is the average cost of private adoption?

What is reasonable?

$30,000 – $40,000 is a good ball park. Can you pay less? Yes. Should you pay less? Do you mind waiting a long time? Legal work, and agency operating costs are “static” in nature. Birth mother costs and marketing drive that cost higher.

Are all adoption profiles created equal?

Think Mobile

75% of expectant birth moms navigate the web on a mobile device.
Profile books should be one sixth of your profile creation plan.

Open, Semi Open, Closed Adoption

Which is right?

Updates are important. They help a birth mom heal. You don’t have to compromise your privacy to give a birth mom comfort.

Begin your adoption journey