Adoption-Friendly Workplaces

on January 17, 2018

Adoption-Friendly Workplaces

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Job benefits – things like paid time off, health insurance, 401K plans, or even the mini fridge at your office packed with free soda – are all part of a laundry list of perks that employees in the United States may get to take advantage of in their professional career. Obviously, every company is different when it comes to what they will offer their employees, but if you are considering adoption as part of your family plan some companies may offer employee benefits to assist you on your adoption journey!

If you are interested in learning about companies that offer adoption benefits, then this post is for you! The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption releases a list of the top 100 adoption-friendly companies for each year. We were thrilled to see that Indiana‚Äôs very own, Eli Lilly and Company, is in an eight-way tie for 49th place on the list.

If it turns out you are currently employed by one of the companies or looking to make a career change, we implore you to look into your current, or future companies plan and take advantage. Hopefully, this post has been helpful and keep coming back for future updates

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